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Oral Health

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Book Description

Health Affairs has published many oral health articles over the years, recognizing that good oral health is one of the indicators of good overall health, and that policy changes in particular health arenas can affect the oral health sector.  In this eBook, which is considered a companion to the Health Affairs' December 2016 issue, the editors share some of the important work that has been published previously in the journal on oral health and related topics. Perhaps the biggest concern of oral health advocates and policy makers is the continuing struggle to provide dental access to all Americans, from children to seniors, no matter the insurance status or type. In recent years, the Affordable Care Act's oral health provisions?of lack therof?for children and adults have shaped the tone of articles we publish, a couple of which are highlighted in this collection. Other articles discuss the inequities in access, which are most acutely felt by rural and minority populations. Finally, a few papers in this eBook collection compare the global dental experience to that of the U.S.